Northcott Edgerton are a diverse group of criminal defence advocates
with experience in all forms of criminal law.
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Our team is a diverse group of criminal defense advocates with experience in all forms of criminal law. We are continually recognized for our innovative thinking, passion for those in difficult situations, and ability to win even the most difficult cases for our clients.

Our diverse legal backgrounds and years of experience aggressively defending the people of Alberta from criminal prosecution give us a unique perspective that can’t be gained otherwise. Whether you need a lawyer in Calgary or a criminal lawyer in Edmonton, it’s this knowledge that we put to work for you when we build an unwavering defense based on facts while at the same time casting doubt on the prosecution’s case.

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30+ Years of Experience

We are a criminal law firm in Edmonton that has over 30 years’ experience building case-winning defences.

24 Hour Service

Call our office and you will be redirected to your personal lawyer in seconds.

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We pride ourselves on the prompt, professional service. We are able to efficiently analyze your situation and provide legal advice you can rely on.

Diverse Team

Our lawyers work together to provide the highest level of service possible to our clients, and with a team-focused mentality bring a variety of perspectives to each case.

You deserve an experienced lawyer. We have them.